Porting Agavi’s shiny error handler to Zend Framework

Agavi-logoLast Tuesday I joined the Webtuesday Zurich meeting. David Zülke (project lead, Munich) gave a talk on Agavi Framework.

Agavi is a general purpose PHP application framework built around the Model-View-Controller architecture originally based on the Mojavi 3 Web application framework written by Sean Kerr. It provides a rich toolset that solves most of the routine problems in Web application development. (…)

There are some great ideas and programming techniques behind Agavi and a very bright engineering team. Congrats, David, that was a great presentation of a great project! Agavi is not yet well known in PHP community but you definitely should give it a try! There’s a well though-out architecture behind it.
There will be a webcast of David’s presentation available soon on Webtuesday Zurich.

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Convert Zend Framework project to UTF-8

If you still got your Zend Framework project lying around with mixed charsets, it’s now time to clean this up! If you decide to switch to Unicode, change the character set everywhere throughout your project. There should no longer be any need of conversions as utf8_encode() or utf8_decode.
Here’s my quick step-by-step tutorial…

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