PHP: directory listing

you want to list a whole directory’s contents…
use the following function to list all files of the directory $url including filesize:

PHP: load SQL lines

first of all I want to give a big applause to Tobias Ratschiller, the creator
of ! His nice tool phpMyAdmin helped me a lot administrating my mySQL-database. phpMyAdmin is probably the best
script around!! Often I was looking at his code to get some ideas and solve my
The following snippet has been taken out of his code. I just changed a couple
of things to let it run as an independent function.
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PHP: ipcheck

sameIP() is my most important function in Power Phlogger. Phlogger calls that
function every time someone enters a page. Actually, that’s all it does: sameIP()
returns true if the visitor was already logged and doesn’t
need to be tracked again. I’m checking his IP and keep it for the last $timeout
minutes (as default I use 30 minutes). If it’s a new visitor or his timeout has
expired, the function returns false and I create a new hit.

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