Interview with Benjamin Voigt – Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE – Welche Technologie wird siegen? Was für Vorteile bringt uns .NET? Was steckt überhaupt hinter diesem Begriff?
Im Rahmen meines Studienprojektes bei der Credit Suisse Leasing habe ich dieses Interview mit Benjamin Voigt geführt.

Benjamin Voigt ist seit 2001 aktiver Microsoft Student Consultant an der Universität Zürich. Als ehemaliger Linux-Crack und Anhänger der OpenSource-Gemeinde besitzt er ein äusserst breit gefächertes Wissen. Gewiss kann er nicht als engstirniger Microsoftianer bezeichnet werden.
Momentan beschäftigt er sich mit XML, SOAP und zahlreichen neuen Entwicklungen innerhalb Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Er bereitet sich auf einen .NET Workshop im Oktober 2003 vor, für den er auch sehr viel seiner Freizeit aufwendet. Das Meiste macht Benjamin aus Eigeninitiative und Freude an der Technologie selbst und hat weniger mit seiner Anstellung bei Microsoft selbst zu tun. Dies zeichnet ihn zu einem äusserst interessanten Gesprächspartner aus, und ich bin ihm äusserst dankbar, dass er sich Zeit für dieses Interview genommen hat.

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PHP: directory listing

you want to list a whole directory’s contents…
use the following function to list all files of the directory $url including filesize:

PHP: load SQL lines

first of all I want to give a big applause to Tobias Ratschiller, the creator
of ! His nice tool phpMyAdmin helped me a lot administrating my mySQL-database. phpMyAdmin is probably the best
script around!! Often I was looking at his code to get some ideas and solve my
The following snippet has been taken out of his code. I just changed a couple
of things to let it run as an independent function.
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PHP: ipcheck

sameIP() is my most important function in Power Phlogger. Phlogger calls that
function every time someone enters a page. Actually, that’s all it does: sameIP()
returns true if the visitor was already logged and doesn’t
need to be tracked again. I’m checking his IP and keep it for the last $timeout
minutes (as default I use 30 minutes). If it’s a new visitor or his timeout has
expired, the function returns false and I create a new hit.

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On the way to Romania

Mir Siebesieche gönd mit de Siebemeilestiefel uf Siebebürge!

Our great idea: professional hitchhiking
Yeah, our plan was just great. The day before we left we were sure about getting to Praha on our first day by hitchhiking. No, getting to Munich was not enough for us – the world’s most professional hitchhikers. Tuesday morning we tried to start our trip at the highway entrance Zurich-Nordring. It was pretty cold and it started to rain. Our thumb was already freezing but as we’re not pessimists we didn’t give up that fast. The whole morning we tried to get one of those 3000 cars but only 2 of them were stopping and didn’t even go in our direction. What was wrong? Our whole illusion fell apart! First two hrs we were standing at Zurich-Nordring and the next 2 hrs we were hanging around near the Glattzentrum. No way! First we were standing on the sidewalk with a Prag-sign, then we had to change it to Munich. Later on the sign said «Bregenz» and finally we tried it with St. Gallen and Winterthur. We didn’t even make it to Winterthur. A guy would have taken us to Chur but that was not really the right direction. Damn bastards, those drivers!!Munich Hofbräuhaus - What else?!There was no other way than getting an Inter Rail ticket for 2 zones for CHF 400. Such a ticket is not even a bad idea – like this we’re able to see 6 countries and cultures in just 10 days. We would have never managed this by hitchhiking. You can do something like this if you got like a month of time or so.
Our journey to Munich was pretty interesting! There was this weirdo who was talking about the difference of Diesel- and electrical trains. The only reason why he was traveling up to St. Margrethen was ‹cause he loves electrical trains and our train was one of ‹em. Also he was a fanatic German fan. He recommended us his great Bahnkarte – the German half-price ticket. I never saw a guy being that fanatic about such a rubbish!
Then I had the silly idea to test out my pepper-spray with tear gas in it. I remember the store in NYC where I got that spray from and where everyone was running out of the store as I just tried to test the spray. Again I was just spreading a tiny little bit of that spray and everyone started coughing in our train. It was so cool to see 20 people coughing and no one knew what was going on. They even called the control officer and asked him what was wrong with the ventilation. He tried to give an explanation and ended up in telling those tourists that there was some «Bremsstaub» getting into the ventilation and that this shouldn’t happen as it was a «high-tech» train. Well done! Good explanation.

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NYC Survival Guide

VIP-only guide to the most asked question «How to make it in New York City

VIPs only!!
…now we’re getting to the real hot part of this guide! Better take your hands out of your pockets, now it’s getting tough!
You know, NYC is the city of the cities. NYC is the place to be!
What the hell are you talking about? Is that true? So why is not everyone on the world living in New York?
Well, you know, that’s the point – everyone wants to be in NYC and there is no space for everyone – so, what’s the conclusion?! Living in NYC is pretty tough. You gotta fight 24hrs a day (well, you’re lucky! – at least a day just contains 24 hrs!).
Ever heard Frank Sinatra’s «theme from New York New York»? (that’s the song you’re listening to right now!) «If you do it in New York, you can do it anywhere»
This dude knows what he’s talking about! If you do it in NYC you will not get in trouble in any other part of the world. The funny thing is: No one does it in NYC!If you want to start a new life in NYC, no one prevents you from doing so! Just remember not to give up too fast. Life’s hard – life’s harder in New York!

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